April 1, 2014

Introducing Pagan Poetry's latest collection.


Presentation, Exhibiton and Concert Friday April 4th 2014 @ La Cour.
With Pagan Poetry, Juliette Rousset, Jeanne Madic and Vivienne Mok.

La Cour, Pagan Poetry, Jeanne Madic, Juliette Rousset and Vivienne Mok 
 are happy to invite you to discover an installation showcasing Pagan Poetry's latest collection "LE MONDE AUTRE" along with its lookbook pictures by photographers 
Jeanne Madic and Vivienne Mok.

More information and Facebook subscriptions Here
Opening Friday April 4th, 6-9pm @La Cour, 60 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris. 
Concert by Juliette Rousset @ 8pm 

Pagan Poetry's workshop @ La Cour April 4th-6th from 1pm-7pm.

We are looking forward  to see You there! 

Thank you!