July 17, 2019



There is someone out there contacting numerous girls pretending to be me and using a fake e-mail account similar to mine. This person pretends he is looking for models for a nude shooting for Lui Magazine and asking for nude polaroids and videos. 
It's a trap. Please DO NOT send your pictures to this person!

Please note that I never ask for nude pictures/videos of models.
This person is currently using this e-mail : vimokphoto@gmail.com
This is not my e-mail.

In case of doubt, these are my official e-mails:
vmokphoto (at) gmail.com or mysotis.mok (at) gmail.com

If you receive doubious emails with another address, it's a scam.

Thank you for your attention!

June 23, 2019

Vlada, Paris

Special thanks to Irene Rudnyk for the Behind the Scenes video and interview:

June 22, 2019

The Forest Magazine
"Golden Fields"

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April 15, 2019

Paulette Magazine #43

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April 12, 2019

Estelle, Paris

A 1920's Great Gatsby inspired story...

New website! The Shop has moved to:

March 31, 2019

Elsa & Cyrielle, Paris

"La Lecture"
The Forest Magazine

March 29, 2019

Wicked Game Magazine

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March 14, 2019

Normal Magazine 
"Maya" - Model of the month / March 2019

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February 19, 2019

February 18, 2019

The Forest Magazine
"La Lecture"

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January 26, 2019

Aurelie & Florence, Paris

From my "CURVES" series
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January 16, 2019

VGXW Magazine - January 2019
"In Bloom"

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January 7, 2019

Oh! You Pretty Things Magazine
"Like my mirror years ago"

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